Welcome to Banana VPN!

Banana VPN gives you full internet access in places that censor or block your connection and strong protection when using public WiFi! Unblock Skype, Facebook and Youtube and access ANY website you like when traveling to countries to that block these programs.

Skype in Dubai? No Problem!
Facebook in China? Done!
UK and USA TV sites from abroad? Watch anything anytime anywhere!

Best of all a Banana VPN account is VERY easy to use and works from any PC in any country! Even on cruise ships and smartphones!!

Reasons to get a Banana VPN account:

  • Provides a layer of security and anonymity by hiding your IP address
  • Bypass your ISP content restrictions and protocol throttling
  • We give you a new American or UK IP address
  • Switch freely between servers in seven countries!
  • Access blocked sites like YouTube, Facebook, BBC from anywhere!
  • Secure connection between your PC and our network(256bit)
  • Use Skype, Yahoo and Google Talk & VOIP in Middle East, UAE and Asia
  • Visit censored/blocked websites in Thailand, Qatar & more
  • Your office/school/ISP cannot monitor your activities
  • Access all sites anonymously from anywhere on your phone or tablet
  • Works on routers running DD-WRT for sharing on your network
  • No monkey business! We're serious, legal and in business since 2007!

Access blocked sites and surf freely with a Banana VPN account

(1) Change your IP address

(2) Encrypt your internet

(3) Tunnel through firewalls & proxies

Works on all Windows PC, MAC OX, iPhone, Android phones.

“I was not sure this was going to work, but i really needed to access some sites and to use Skype while doing my military service in the Middle East. So far your service has worked great for me!” – Brian F, UAE​

Our VPN connections send all internet traffic through our secure servers, which means that you can check your email with Outlook or use Skype and visit websites using a 128bit secure ‘tunnel’. We have a strict privacy policy and do not store anything you do when connected to our server.

What does it cost?

VPN accounts are subscription based and cost $8/month for unrestricted internet access. No contracts, Cancel anytime! We accept most Credit Cards and all accounts are created automatically after payment. 

Easy Setup on any device!

Works on Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac OS

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